Sequential collection of same data type variables.


Declared by use of [square brackets]: data type array Name[array size] ;


Values in the array are referred to as elements, and ALWAYS START FROM ZERO!


int myArray[10] ;  //declares an array called myArray that can contains 10 elements of the int data type


Defined by assiging values, separated by a comma, within {curly braces}:


int myArray[10] = {2, 3, 7, 12, 14, 17, 42, 63, 70, 99} ; //must have exact number of elements


int myArray[] = {3, 13, 1, 56, 33} ; // array will be automatically sized to hold the number of elements defined


Single values can be defined by assigning the value to the specific element number, starting from zero!


myArray[6] = 21 ;


Specific elements can be accessed by assigning an array element to a variable


int myVar = myArray[4] ;


Or they can be used just on their own


printf("The value of the element in array position 5 is %d n", myArray[4]) ;


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